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NTP not working on Nexus 5548


Issue: I have bad NTP on my Nexus 5548 no matter what device I point it at. I pointed it at my GPS device to which it should see because I see the mac address of the GPS device when I do a sh mac add | in 254. I then pointed the Nexus 5548 at two other switches and still did not get it to change it's time.

I also have ntp logging turned on and no logs are hitting my logs.

IOS: n5000-uk.9-kickstart.5.2.1N1.5.bin

Model: Cisco Nexus 5548

Config for NTP:

ntp server server *.*254.80 use-vrf management

ntp logging

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Mark Malone


are you using the oob mgmt. interface , if not remove the use-vrf section just have ntp sever x.x.x.x prefer , its only required for oob and it could be isolating the ntp address from normal route table

I have a oob mgmt interface configured but I do not want ntp to use it. I want ntp to use what it finds in it's mac cache since it see the ntp device there.  I changed the command to ntp server *.*.254.80 prefer but when I use the command sh ntp status I get:


Lost operational state: No session

Still wondering what the issue could be.

did you try set the source to be a loopback or something else in case ntp by default is coming off the mgmt. int when enabled , theres a few bugs In ntp in nexus aswell that were fixed in newer releases for 5ks , 1 I found for your release could expliain it

try add in clock protocol ntp aswell into config

Changing the default interface fixed my issues. 


Marvin Rhoads
Hall of Fame Community Legend Hall of Fame Community Legend
Hall of Fame Community Legend

On nx-os you need to "commit" ntp changes after making them.


ntp commit

...from configuration mode.

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