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i have a BITS hw clocking device , from where i will be getting clock on an E1. I want to configure it for a cisco router, so that the cisco router will be using that BITS Hardware device as its clocking source.

Cisco router in 7200 and 2821.

How can it be possibel ??

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VIP Alumni

NTP has nothing to do with the clocking on the T1/E1 lines. The latter is usually provided by the carrier that supplies the circuits. Any reason you don't want to use theirs?

infect my engineering department has that BITS clocking he device.They are providing me it via an E1.

I want to use clocking for log generation and other such purposes on my cisco routers and switches.

Any other option you people can propose ??

Well, as long as the BITS device supports NTP and is reachable by IP, I suppose:

ntp server ip-addr-of-BITS-clock prefer

ntp server other-NTP-clock

ntp update-calendar time-zone

clock timezone zone GMT-offset [minutes-offset]

clock summer-time [your-daylight saving-time-zone] recurring

service timestamps debug datetime msec localtime show-timezone

service timestamps log datetime msec localtime show-timezone

Does the BITS service will provide me with an IP address over an E1 ?