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Poll DFM for device status from external system?

Using LMS 3.2 including DFM with snmp-trap notification I'm looking for a way to poll DFM from another system regarding status since trap notification only sends alerts when things do go wrong

So, is it possible to use snmp to poll the DFM / epmdb regarding a device's status?

One possible I found is to use the new db-support in LMS 3.2 and query the fault history tables, but it's the same as traps - only alerts recorded.

Potentialy we could have a device with no alerts without any data in the fault history.



Martin Ermel

I do not know of a method to actively poll DFM for a status of an  element.

Can you explain in more detail what you want to do?
If you rely on the information of DFM why is it not enough to get informed when a monitored object reports a violation? If you get no event everything is ok.
Or do you want to actively track if a down element is up again? With DFM you can get the up events as well (DFM calls them "cleared"). You have to enable this under tho following menu:
DFM > Notification Services
select your Notification Group and see if "Event Status" has the check-box for cleared events enable and see if "Event Status" has the check-box for cleared events enabled;

If this is not what you want, please explain in more detail.


Yes, we could take the approach that no alarm means ok.

Active notifications will be used to create tickets but clear notifications will also be processed

Whatif the link between DFM and external system is down?

Is there a queueing mechanism for the notifications on the DFM?

If communication outage occurs and the notifications are lost then we are thinking of poll DFM for status for each device reachability and it's elements like interfaces, cpus, powersupplies etc.

I also have never seen or read about the ability to poll DFM so I'm interested to hear any other's field experience in this area

So mainly I'm looking for the options available