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Prime Infrastructure 3.4 failover to secondary



I am working with an undocumented customer Prime installation.  Have got CLI access to the Primary and Secondary Prime appliance.  Primary's NICs have physical problem.  Need to promote the secondary to take over.  HA is not configured.

I have got no Shell access (password unknown) and no root access (password unknown).


All services are running but the Prime GUI is not available.  Page does not even open.  No firewall in between.  Can access the Health Monitor GUI page but don't have the Authentication Key to login.


Health Monitor Server is running. ( [Role] Secondary [State] HA not Configured )
Database server is running                                                      
FTP Service is running                                                          
TFTP Service is running                                                         
Matlab Server is running                                                        
Matlab Server Instance 1 is running                                             
Matlab Server Instance 2 is running                                             
Matlab Server Instance 3 is running                                             
NMS Server is running.                                                          
WSA Service is running.                                                         
SAM Daemon is running ...                                                       
DA Daemon is running ...                                                        
Compliance engine is running  
Version information of installed applications                                   
Cisco Prime Infrastructure                                                      
Version : 3.4.0                                                                 
Build :   
Any suggestions how to salvage the current environment?

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 - If HA is not configured there is nothing to promote , should down primary and switch over to 'other' (/secondary).


Thanks Marce.  Since there is no network connectivity on the primary appliance, I would have assumed the secondary to have taken over, without the need to shut down the primary, but it hasn't it seems.  Maybe there is some sort of a problem on the secondary unit as well.  Ports for all services seem to be active on the appliance.


What other checks you reckon can be performed on the Secondary to assess if it has a functioning config?






 - Use  the ncs status command , to verify that all services are running correctly on the secondary.



output of "ncs status" does not show any stopped or hung services.ncs status.png

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