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Prime LMS 4.1: changing syslog facility


I have to set up Prime LMS 4.1 soft appliance to a network containing devices that send syslog messages with facility local.6.

Devices logging to 3rd party NMS too, so canging the facility back back to the default value local.7 is not an option.

By default LMS stores and process syslog messages with facility local.7.

Is it possible to change this behaviour?

I changed config file /etc/syslog.conf manualy by adding the following line:     /var/log/syslog_info

It had benn working well until I restarted the server.

After reload the contet os syslog.conf is reverted back. The line with is missing.

How should I permanently chang/add the receiving facilty?


Csaba Garai

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Re: Prime LMS 4.1: changing syslog facility

I believe LMS should accept log messages from any valid facility.

Please see this post which mentions a perl script that might also have to be run in the case of Solaris installations to fully update the LMS server.


Prime LMS 4.1: changing syslog facility

Hi Marvin,

Thanks for the suggestion.

I tried to run the script but it did not solve the problem. After reload the syslog.conf reverted back without the line local.6.

Anyway the syslog daemon of the Soft Appliance OS receives and store incoming messages with ANY facility to file /var/log/messages.

The problem is that tha DFM only shows messeges  stored in file /var/log/syslog_info.

Any other idea?



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Prime LMS 4.1: changing syslog facility

When you ran the script did the terminal give you any errors?

DFM (or the Fault components as they're now referred to) can be problematic at times like this since it still has under the covers quite a bit of plumbing from the product which it is derived from - EMC Smarts. The times I've had any DFM/Fault-related issues I had to open a case and the TAC ended up referring them to development engineering for resolution.


Prime LMS 4.1: changing syslog facility

The scrip did not give me any errors.

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