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Problem Installing Cisco Secure 4.2


Contiunally getting this message:-

odbc operation failed with the following information:Message=[sybase][odbc driver][adaptive server anywhere]Invalid user ID or password, sqlstate=28000,native error=-103

This is a fresh install, but it just will not go through.

Any pointers.

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Robert Pavone

Is this is the only application running on the server?  For example, Ciscoworks LMS is not running on the same server?

If there are other application database instances running on the box, these errors can occur with ACS.


CiscoWorks is on the same box, not sure whether the ciscoworks db is local, cant find any instance of sql or other db program

Yep!  That's your issue.  Ciscoworks and ACS can NOT be on the same server due to DB instances.

Many TAC cases opened related to same issue; Only resolution is to remove Ciscoworks from that server or install ACS on a different server.


A co existence of ciscoworks with other applications like ACS is not recommended. You may have corrupted both the intallations.

-Thanks Vinod **Rating Encourages contributors, and its really free. **

They were both on the same server before...

Indeed tried the ACS installer on another server and hey presto, the installer went through ok.

Cheers everyone.

I am experiencing the identical problem.

examining the ODBC setting on the box there does not appear to be anything there.

however the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager software is installed on the box, and I have a suspicion that this can feature an 'embedded database'

Can anyone from Cisco speak to whether there have been issues reported with SEPM and ACS server co-existing on same box?

Kind regards


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