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Random Interface drop and [instant] reconnect issue




I am trying to narrow down an issue I am having but there are a a lot of factors, so I’ll explain what I have done and what it’s doung.


First of all this has only began since configuring and utilizing my ASA-5508. What is happening is throughout the day, everyday, I will check in on my server and my Torrent server for Linux is dropping and reconnecting. This is normally fine but I am also running a VPN (software) Client as well and when the Network drops, it kills all connections so my Torrent Server drops but never reconnects. It’s nit a time out issue in the Torrent Server, it literally gets scrolled from the Network.

I then tried one thing at a time and connected without the VPN. So all I have was my vDSL (Bridge) and my ASA and then My Computer... I noticed that it still drops so determined it is not the VPN. I reconfigured a different Interface on the ASA and had the same issue. I then reset my vDSL Router and used it alone (without the ASA) and my Torrent Server would be up for days until I stopped it.


I tried looking over Logs on my ASA but aside from seeing the packet flow drop, I am seeing no reason why it is dropping.


My configuration for the ASA at this point is quite basic and only using NAT associating External Static  IP’s to my set Internal IP’s. As far as security goes, nine extra is enabled on this particular Interface. But I am unsure unaware if maybe being Torrent is running the ASA is seeing intense connectivity or what not and dropping?


Normally I would not care but I do not want to be unreliable to my friends in the Linux community and have downtime for hours at a time. Just not sure where to go from here. 




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So can you elaborate on the physical setup, where are you server located and are you accessing over the internet?

Can you post the config your devices is applicable, I am assuming this is a small network like soho size?

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