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Redundant links from Catalyst 3850 to VPLS

Level 1
Level 1

I would like some suggestions as to the most reliable way to accomplish this. We have a redundant link VPLS connection from our ISP. Basically we have a Catalyst 3850 that will connect to the ISP's equipment. The ISP has redundant paths (two entry points into the building) with two separate pieces of equipment so we have two links on our 3850. The service provider does not participate on Spanning Tree so I am looking for the simplest most reliable way to accomplish this without additional equipment.

         Port23-----------Service Provider link 1                                               Site 2

3850                                                                     ---- VPLS Cloud --------

         Port24----------- Service Provider Link 2                                             Site 3


If needed I'll try to draw this out in Visio. All 3 sites have an IP address on the same /26 subnet however sites 2 and 3 have to route their traffic to site 1 for Internet access.

Since both links are active I need to find a way to only talk to one and only switch to the other if the main one fails. If I had this scenario with two routers on Site 1 I could setup HSRP but being 2 interfaces on the same layer 3 switch that requires an IP address on the interface adds some confusion and maybe I'm just not visualizing the bigger picture.

In addition, I should mention that we use EIGRP throughout our network.

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