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RME 4.3.1 & Nexus 7000 device package


I am have 27 devices that RME reports as "Out-of-Sync", among those some are Nexus 7K devices, with the sysObjectId ., which according to the "Supported Device Table for LMS 3.2" is supported in RME 4.3.1.

Searching for device package with that sysObjectId I get no result in Common Services. However, when performing a "Device Update" with my CCO account, Ciscoworks tells me that "All the available package(s) at source location are already installed."

What do I have to do to get that device package?

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Derek Clothier


    To check / download the latest RME Device Package for Nexus 7k support, please do the following :

1. Go to Common Services -> Software Centre -> Device Update and click on the hyperlink for 'CiscoWorls Common Services'

* You should see 2 packages listed  - Device Data and MDF.

* The latest versions of these are 1.10 and 1.48 respectively.

* If you don't have the lateset versions installed, please run an update to install these.

2. Once you have the most up to date packages for Common Services installed, go to Common Services -> Software Centre -> Device Update and click on the number in the 'Device Type Count' collumn for Resource Manager Essentials.  Filter the list of devices by Package Name = Nexus.

* Do you see sysObjectId . displayed ?

* What version of the Nexus device package do you have installed ? (The latest version is 2.5)

3. Even if you have the latest Nexus package installed, run a device update for RME so that you loaded the latest versions of all packages (I see there were some new updates for shared packages eg LibCommon as recent as 21st January 2011.

    In terms of the devices being reported as 'Out-of-sync' , this means that RME has detected that the running configuration and the startup configuration on the device are different. This could be because RME doesn't have the most recent copy of either config or it is a real situation of the startup and running config being out of sync on the device.  If you go to the Out-of-Sync Summary page, select the Nexus 7k's and click on 'Sync on Device' RME will run a job to login to the devices and execute a copy run start.

* If your Nexus 7k's are still reported as 'Out-of-Sync' after the job completes then we'll need to investigate further.


Derek Clothier


Thanks for the detailed instructions.

I did the CS package update. And I have to admit that I am now confused: I checked before the update -- I had the Mdf 1.47. Going through the update process I thought I installed 1.48. But now when I check under CiscoWorks Common Services, I still have Mdf 1.47. When I check for CS updates again, it tells me that "All the available package(s) at source location are already installed."

Following your step 2, I do see the sysObjectId .

Running RME device package update tells me all available packates are installed.

After all the updates, I clicked the "Out-of-Sync" number and performed a "Sync on Device" -- The job finished with "Success". Yet my number of out-of-sync devices remain at 28 (increased from 27 from yesterday). Specifically sync'ing a Nexus 7K also came back with success. But the number of out-of-sync devices remains unchanged.




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Checking "CiscoWorks Common Services" again after I posted the message above, I do see Mdf 1.48 now.

Hi Wei,

     Strange that your update of Common services MDF from 1.47 to 1.48 didn't seem to work.  I tested this on a server in our lab and it went through without any problems. If you go to Common Services -> Software Centre -> Activity Log you should be able to find the Common Services update that you ran and by clicking on the hypertlink in the 'Status' collumn ,check why the update failed.

    Getting back to your Nexus Out-of-Sync issue, if you have Nexus package version 2.5 installed in RME then that's the most recent. I suspect that the problem is that there are some configuration lines that are expected to be different between the startup and running configuration eg self signed certificate, which RME should ignore when doing the comparison. To verify if I'm correct or not, can you please do the following :

1. Make a small change to the running configuration of one of your Nexus 7k's , that won't impact the running of the switch

eg add/modify the configuration of 'snmp-server contact ....' or 'snmp-server location ...'

2. Save the change to startup configuration.

3. Run a sync archive job for this Nexus 7k

4.After the Sync Archive job has finished, verify that the change you made now appears in the Running and Startup config for this device in RME

* If it doesn't show then there is a problem with Sync Archive.

5. If the Nexus7k still appears in the 'Out-of-sync' list send me the following :

* Startup and running config for the Nexus7k

* From the RME Out-of-sync Summary page click on the 'Diff' icon for this particular Nexus7k, Select 'Diff Only' in the page that opens and then send me a screen shot of the differences.


Derek Clothier

I'm finally circirling around to this.

It seems that the Nexus issue is that, some commands in the running-config may be default that do not show up in the startup-config. For example, one of the out-of-sync device has these lines in the running-config that are not found in the startup-config:


    logging level radius 5
    logging level tacacs 5
    logging level interface vlan 5

That's just my guess.

Then there are other devices simply missing the startup-config (in RME, not on the device). How do I force RME to get the startup config? I tried "Sync Archive" on a few devices manually but that didn't seem to change the situation.

Hi Wei,

     Thanks for getting back to me on this. I'm not an expert on Nexus , so I'll need to check whether these commands aren't in the start up but are in the running config.  A workaround that you could test, would be to go to RME -> Admin -> Config Mgmt -> Exclude Commands.  In there drill down to find the Nexus 7k under Switches & Hubs -> Data Centre Switches and enter the commands that you want RME to ignore when comparing config.  If this resolves your problem, please open a Service Request with TAC so they can open a bug for this so that these commands will be added as default 'Exclude Commands' for the Nexus 7k.

     In terms of why RME can't load the startup config for some devices :

1. What types of devices are these ?

2. Pick one of these devices and do the following :

* Run a device credential verification job to check that rme has the correct credentials for snmp & Telnet/SSH

* Correct any problems with credentials

* Run a Sync Archive job for the device and if this doesn't retrieve the startup config send me the files




NB if you are running on Solaris you will find CSCOpx/files and CSCOpx/log under /var/adm , not under /opt



I have got the startup-config part resolved, although I feel the way to do that is very un-intuitive: I have to go to RME >> Config Mgmt >> Archive Mgmt >> Sync Archive and specifically select the "Fetch startup config" option to force it.

I am working with the Nexus 5000 people on the out-of-sync issue. I suspect that there is a bug in the NX-OS code. RME seems to be reporting legitimate differences between the startup-config and running-config on the devices. For example, on Nexus 5K running version 4.1(3)N2(1a) , the difference is always this:

    logging level radius 5
    logging level tacacs 5
    logging level interface vlan 5

Even after a manual "copy running-config startup-config" on the device, that difference persists.

On Nexus 7K running version 4.2(3), the difference is always:

    logging level vpc 6
    logging level hsrp 6
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