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SNMP reason high CPU utilization


Hi! I have a problem with SNMP. I using Cisco3845 in distribution layer. >600 subinterfaces. When my managment system send response - the cpu Utilization on cisco3845 near 100%. I want to prohibited my Cisco answer on response about interface status.

Wery glad for your's help!

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Vinod Arya
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You need to create a snmp veiw to do this. The Setup SNMP view command can block the user with only access to limited Management Information Base (MIB). By default, there is no SNMP view entry exists. This command is configured at the global configuration mode and first introduced in Cisco IOS Software version 10.3. It works similar to access-list in that if you have any SNMP View on certain MIB trees, every other tree is denied inexplicably. However, the sequence is not important and it goes through the entire list for a match before it stops.

To create or update a view entry, use the snmp-server view global configuration command. To remove the specified SNMP server view entry, use the no form of this command.

If you know which OID's is being polled specifically you can block that, or else you can block the complete ifTable or ifXTable to be polled.

For example, if the community string is public :

#snmp-server view testview iso included

#snmp-server view testview ifTable excluded
#snmp-server view testview ifXTable excluded

#snmp-server community public view testview RO

For more details check :


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Thank you for reply Vinod Arya!

Yes! I used SNMP view command. But unfortunately using this command - bringing increase utilization CPU. I think a left trying to prohibited SNMP response on my cisco router - and try to change properties my SNMP manager.

I use next conf:

#snmp-server view testview iso included

# snmp-server view testview etherStatsEntry excluded

#snmp-server view testview interfaces excluded

#snmp-server community public view testview RO 99

My NMS alarmed - what it is a lost connection with interfaces on my router, but CPU utilization anyway been high (

How i understand snmp-server view command work like access-list - but for MIB!

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