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Software distribution fails on recommendation


We are running LMS 3.1 on W2k3. When we try to update software it fails while trying to do the recommendation. following is the error message

SWIM0087: Recommendation module timed out while waiting for the procedure to complete.
Either the device had many images to process or one of the services used by this application is not responding.
Either fine-tune the administrative preferences to filter out any unwanted images or check the application logs for more details.

I checked the running processes and restarted the server but no effect. How to troubleshoot this one?

Thanks Marco

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

How many devices are in the recommendation job?  What type of devices?  What versions of code are they running?  Are you using telnet or SSH from SWIM to do device CLI interaction?  Have you configured RME to use for image recommendations?

Hi Joe,

Many questions in such a short post

It fail on any number of devices in this example there was only one router running 12.4(25c). We are using SSH and we have not configured rme to include for recommendation. I tried it with included but that doesn't work because it seems that rme cannot make a connection to

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Post the job directory which corresponds to this SWIM job.  It can be found under NMSROOT/files/rme/jobs/swim.

Thx for your reply. Currently we have some major issues on our network (nothing to do with lms) so I hope i will be able to post the job directory tomorrow. I guess you need all files that are in the directory.

I cant find a job directory. In the location you mentioned there is just one directory named advdistinput its an old empty dir

I have set the logging level to debugging via "RME\Admin\system preferences\application log level settings\softwaremgmt"