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TCL script to send router configuration


I have been tasked to write a TCL script which will run every 30 days and send out the information below:

   sh ver

   sh Inv

   sh run

   sh config

Unfortunately a good pile of our routers will not have access to a TFTP server for security reasons so I can't send the command output directly to the server using this protocol.

We are running IOS versions as old as 11.2 up to the latest.

Could anyone point me towards a solution where I could somehow send data from these routers to a server in my network? I had thought about maybe trying to redirect this output into a syslog message, but didn't have any luck finding examples, plus I would have to shorten each message into multiple syslog entries in order to get all of the data to fit.

Thanks for your help!


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Collin Clark

Would an email be ok? There's an example script on how to send an email when saving the config. You would just have to tweak it to run every 30 days instead.

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