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Resolved! _syslog_msg in tcl policy

Hello,I am  new to eem and tcl and trying to learn.I am using tcl policy with ::cisco::eem::event_register_syslog with my pattern. In the script i want to be able to access the message that triggeredthe script but when I use $_syslog_msg there is  er...

Resolved! LMS 3.2 IPM and Cisco 1841

Hello,in IPM we would like to add a collector with an Cisco 1841 as the source. The device is listed and automatically imported in IPM from DCR. When i add the collector the status is always "Source Not Responding " Does LMS use other ports then SNMP...

Resolved! LMS 4.1upgrade - licensing questions

Hi,I have the following upgrade scenario and I'm not sure about how licensing related details works there. There is LMS 3.x system working and I want to upgrade it to 4.1. To do this I've got two migration licences: 3.x->4.0 and 4.0->4.1. I want to i...

lpiwowars by Beginner
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LMS 3.1 Apache not starting

On a Windows 2k3 LMS3.1 system master / slave environment Both web portals suddenly where not available anymore since 2 days ago.In the windows services console all the Ciscoworks services are running except the Apache web service.I have read some ar...

CiscoWorks: Device Discovery Queries

Hi,I am using the LMS 3.2.1. One years ago, we have manually populated the CiscoWorks with 4000 devices and then put these devices in 500 groups, each group reperesent each office.Now problem is that we manage the environment which keep on changing, ...

raza555 by Beginner
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Monitor the consumption of bandwidth

Hi,I Need help to choose the best solution to monitor the consumption of bandwidth, particularly who are consuming the bandwidth. With the SNMP protocol I can know the consumption of bandwidth but I can't know who are consuming. What are the alternat...

DPlagueHT by Beginner
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LMS 4.1 changing database + log location

Goodday all,Recently I installed LMS 4.1 accidentally on the c-drive, which, as a result, fills itself with a growing database and associated logfiles. How can I move both items to another drive safely? I allready managed to move configs and download...

Eddie by Beginner
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Resolved! LMS as syslog server

Hi there!I want to know how to make your LMS 4.1 (or 4.2) a syslog server in order to:- save the logs (where does LMS saves them? how can I see this syslog file?)- be sent alerts about mac changes of the endpoints (mac notifications) (how can I make ...

Resolved! Issues with Cisco Network assistant

Hello....I recently joined a company as Network Admin. Our senior network admin asked to use the cisco network assistant. O have installed it on my machine and when i try to connect to an existing community which the senior agent has created, I am ge...

ashique84 by Beginner
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Nexus 1000v QoS based on IP ACL

Hi,I want to apply QoS policy on a particular VM for specified port range only. I  have created following script file but that doesnt work. I mean it doesnt apply any policy on vm residing on Veth1. Can any body look in to this and tell me where is t...

liveshell by Beginner
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