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TCL script triggered by CRON keeps running on removed config

We deployed a script to shutdown switch ports that are down for a specific period of time. The TCL script is copied into flash and the cron timer executes it.  Zero issues with the running of this script for years. One issue now is if a switch is replaced in a stack (3750x) the config of the removed switch seems to be continuing to run this script after all references to it are removed. I've unregistered and removed the EEM variable and deleted the TCL scripts from flash1 and 2 but it still runs. It seems like it has a phantom config of that removed switch that still included all the TCL script info originally deployed.

It was switch 2 that was replaced and it sees that switch 1 has nothing connected so says it's shutting them down. In our case its just generating the syslog message configured in the TCL script but not actually shutting down the ports (thankfully)


Any idea how I can remove this phantom config or clear the event manager policy even though I can't see it in the running config? I haven't reloaded the stack since unregistering and deleting the TCL script so not sure if that's the fix.....


I have yet to go to the device and try the "session switch number" to see the actual session 2 config but that's possibly where i'm headed next.





Georg Pauwen
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does anything related to that TCL script show up with:


show running-config all



No, nothing referencing the script or the environment variables. I should note that when it generates the syslog message it originates from the host name of the switch with a "-2" appended. 



just to get a picture of what your network looks like: you have a stack ? What about the config of the stack master, is there anything there (or on any of the other stack members) referencing the script ?

Yes it's a stack of 2. One switch failed and was replaced. The script was allowed to run on the updated stack with the replaced switch when it was noted the "old" switch was seeing nothing connected and syslogging these ports being shut. Then all references were removed of the script and env variables but continues to run on this "phantom" switch. The tcl script was stored in flash and run from there and I've confirmed the script itself no longer exists in Flash1 or Flash2. Have not reloaded the stack since the script removed so maybe its referencing something in memory. I just can't see how if it relies on the TCL script being present in flash how it keeps running.

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 - Probably not a direct-cause but note-worthy :