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Unable to order upgrade to LMS 4.2 from

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My customer bought CWLMS-4.0-300UPK9 but wants to go direct to LMS 4.2.

After entering his contract Id on I could only order LMS 4.1 and not LMS 4.2 upgrade.

I have read on some thread about LMS 4.2 already installed on some customer.

When will be available LMS 4.2 to be ordered from ?


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Marvin Rhoads
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LMS 4.1 is the latest and current version. Cisco typically does not release upcoming product dates outside of non-disclosure channels.

Here is the product bulletin page with SKU codes for ordering.

Well, at least the data sheet is for real.  

Given that the've posted that already, I'd say the actual FCS (First Customer Ship) of the released software is probably imminent. When you see the Release Notes page updated, then it's actually shipping.

I suspect that AAA Forum posting is either in error or referring to a customer doing beta testing.

Update: I see the Ordering Guide does say 31 January (yesterday) is the availability date. It has some info on product codes and paths. A bit complicated as the packaging is changing (again, sigh).

And upgrades should be orderable as per the LMS 4.2 Q&A:

Q. I'm an existing LMS customer. Are upgrades to Cisco Prime LMS 4.2 covered under my existing Software Application Support (SAS) contract?

A. CiscoWorks LMS 4.0 customers and Cisco Prime LMS 4.1 customers with active SAS contracts can obtain at no charge service release update to Cisco Prime LMS 4.2, which is part of the Cisco Prime Infrastructure bundle, through the Product Upgrade Tool at

Lets wait for the complete release: docs and upgrades.

Although I get quite a bit of fanmail from cisco, a release announcement when a new LMS version is out is not yet available. I guess they still have a lot of old DVD's they can sell if they keep quiet.




I see that LMS 4.2 is findally out (available to download from

Still, I don't see it on Cisco Product Upgrade Tool on

When filling in a contract number of customer that has LMS 4.0, I only see LMS 4.1 SKU available upgrade.

Does anyone know if the license upgrade procdure is different, or maybe it is just not yet available on Cisco Product Upgrade Tool?

Thanking in advance, Udi Dahan.

Did you manage to get the 4.2 license? I have the same issue. I upgraded from 4.0 to 4.1 recently, but few weeks later 4.1 became EoS, so I wanted to upgrade to 4.2. The Upgrade Tool does not show 4.2 option. I am downloading 4.2 and will start the install soon. Maybe existing 4.1 license will be valid for 4.2?

If you have a license of 4.0 and want to move to 4.x or if you have 4.1 and want to move to 4.2 you need to order an upgrade license through the Product Upgrade Tool at However I tried this but I failed. I contacted Cisco Licensing Support ( and they provided me with the license.

If you enter the Contract ID on the upgrade tool web page you should get the option like illustrated in the attachment. And if you ccarefully look at the screenshot you'll see the sentece "LMS 4.2 is bundled within the Prime Infrastructure 1.1 Upgrade". You have the option to place a free order for e.g the R-PI11-100-MR-K9 and PI-1.1-MEDIA-K9 (in my example) and you will receive Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.1 (PI 1.1) which contains LMS 4.2 (beside NCS 1.1 and NCS 1.1 (WAN) - which you also get "for free" because it is part of PI).

For me in Germany it typically takes 1-2 days (due to customs) to get the e-mail notification with a download link for the license claim certificate and 2-3 weeks to receive the DVD.

The only problem I had in the past, was with generating the license file itself. I went through the licensing workflow and at the very end, when usually the license file is provided for download and also sent via e-mail, nothing happens. While contacting to resolve this this usually took only 24 hours to get resolved (and I got the license file directly from them) , but with my last issue it took me a whole week to finally receive the license file...