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Unique traffic on specific WAN in Multi-WAN scenarios

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Community Manager

Hello, guys, how are you all? I hope everyone's okay!
I'm new here and I need a light... my problem:
We have an SMB line router, the VPN RV340 Multi-WAN running under the version of its firmware.
The scenario is two Internet links from two different ISPs, the first link is that of WAN 1 is dedicated, with fixed IP, the second link is that of WAN 2 is a broadband fiber, dynamic IP.

Previously, I used failover with backup link in Multi-WAN configurations, however, today I use load-balance to take better advantage of broadband bandwidth by fiber, which is in turn much higher than the dedicated link. Well, this has brought us a demand, and this is exactly what I would like to get resolution or help out here, come on:

When outbound traffic is configured to load-balance in the Multi-WAN configuration, my host inside the network may be getting its output right now via WAN 1 link, and in a minute that same traffic from this same host exits WAN 2 link, the impact of this has been, for example: continuous drop in access to electronic invoice issuance web systems, drop of cloud ERP systems, drops/locks of user sessions in banking systems, among others, given the fact that the remote server session of these systems is constantly "changing" public IP. Remembering that on my WAN 1 I have fixed IP, on WAN 2 it's dynamic, but even though this second one was equally fixed, load-balance would alternate my outbound traffic at some point.


Having said that, I would like to know if it is possible to configure in the configurations that a particular internal host or group of internal hosts have their outbound traffic only through one of the two WANs and so I can continue to use load-balance for the rest of the internal network, has anyone seen something like this, do you know if you can configure this on this router?

Unless mistakenly, there was a configuration of this type on a RV line that was slightly earlier than this, except for mistake, but on this current line I did not find a way to parametrize this outgoing traffic by a WAN of my choice in a scenario where I use the two WANs with load balancing to the internal network.

I would like to thank everyone for their cooperation.

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Yes you can,

Use pbr for routing 

Use pbr for nat 


Good job friend 
mention that this issue is solved 

Joseph W. Doherty
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Hall of Fame Master

In the past, I've done quite a bit of (successfully) running Enterprise applications across multiple concurrent "WAN" links, including dedicated (p2p,FR,ATM,MPLS) and VPN on Internet.  I not familiar with the SMB series of routers, like your RV340, so it might not have (IMO critically needed) features available on ISRs.

One key to my success was using QoS and managing bandwidth.  For example, never mix "raw" Internet usage, on a link, also carrying VPN Enterprise traffic, because the former's lack of bandwidth management and/or QoS, disrupts the latter.

One issue, which, in the past, Cisco did not have a solution for (nor was it a big problem for us, at the time) was Internet VPN having variable amounts of available bandwidth.  Since then, Cisco has provided Adaptive QoS over DMVPN (possible a feature not available in SMB routers).

I suspect, it's possible to mitigate/fix your issues, but possibly not without some major revisions to "how" you do your WAN and/or equipment used.


Thank you for the answer.

But the solution to the problem was simpler than was thought, it was just enabling the PBR feature in the Multi-WAN session, informing the source and destination IPs involved, the services and the WAN Outgoing interface, and it was, in fact, very simple.

Anyway, thank you for your participation in the discussion.



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