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What is the difference between source and target device in IPM ?

I want to set a collector between my C3845-IPbase-mz.124-3i router and one of my branches, the problem is I dont have my 3845 in source list

it is just appear in the target devices ? but I want to set it as a source device  !!

is it due to IOS version which is not support IP SLA ? or something else ?

I have attached the screenshot of collector configuration

thank you

Svetlana Radzevich
Cisco Employee

Does it have snmp write community configured? Is it correct?

IPM need SNMP write permission to the device which you will use as a source because IPM will push IP SLA configuration via SNMP to the device.

Yes !  I am pretty much sure that the SNMP configuration is correct .

I dont know why it is not listed in the source devices while it is on target devices !!

as you may see (one the snapshot I have attached) the device I am talking about is , which is in the Target devices and it is not in the source devices !! ??

Thank you

Please check if the RW SNMP strings are configured in LMS properly. LMS would need that to have the device in source device list. Please check the crendential verification job in RME > Device Management.


-Thanks Vinod **Rating Encourages contributors, and its really free. **

thank you for your responde, I checked and it is correct , I think the problem is the IOS I am using is not support RTTMON and IP SLA !