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Adding new Firepower 2130 Series to Firepower Management Center

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Level 4

Hi Everyone,


Just wondering if there is a preferred way to add a new pair of FPR2130 to the FMC so that it can be managed and also there will be no connectivity issues or configuration lost.



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You add the FMC registration key on the CLI of each FTD - configure manager add x.x.x.x <keyid>

You then add each device in the FMC and create a HA pair, assign policies and deploy the configuration.


What do you mean no configuration lost? If it's a new pair then there should be no configuration lost?


This example illustrates configuring FTD HA


Hi Rob,


Thanks for the reply.


What I was if anything was configured prior to adding to the FMC, then that configuration will be lost push the FMC manages it but if we configure everything using the FMC, that shouldn't happen.


thanks a lot.  Will try this.  

If you currently use Firepower Device Manager instead of FMC and want to change the manager to FMC you will definitely lose the configuration.

Maybe try the migration tool to the FMC first. Then save the migration files.  Add the 2130s to FMC. May save some config and policy work.   

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