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Hi All, We have two Cisco FTD device ( manage by on-box means FDM) connected to 3 ISP setup on WAN side namely TCL, Airtel & Jio .TCL link is used for Site to Site VPN and Internet access.Currently all traffic is routed through TCL link. I need to ac...

sv7 by Beginner
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FTD4115 - FXOS show commands

could someone please advise what the equivelant of show etherchannel summary is on FTD. on regular cli when I do show ? I cannot see any command to give me that details. by doning #show int port-channel .. I only get the satus which is up. 

aaa5678 by Beginner
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DMz host

Hey I m new to network security. Need to design below setup. Advise how will I achieve thisI have partner connected to network.  I want my hosts in DMZ via RDP from GRN able to access the services . Also any antivirus update or patches needs to be up...

Password Policy on Cisco Asa

Hi All, Need to configure below password policy on my live Cisco Asa. Need to know will i lose the accessibility of my device anyhow after configuring the password policy. Also what are the precaution i should take before executing the command • Step...

sv7 by Beginner
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Resolved! VPN 2nd Profile Setup

Hello Experts @Rob Ingram  @balaji.bandi  I currently got AnyConnect VPN setup which is mapped through DNS to our Public Domain and its working fine. I want to setup another AnyConnect VPN which will be mapped through DNS to other Public Domain. I wa...

ASA port forwarding for remote VoIP phone

I’m looking for assistance with a rule and NAT policy Attached are the ports the phone company needs forwarded. I have the static IP of their system they are testing from and a user’s home static IP. Do you have an example of how the rules should be ...

cknowlton by Beginner
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Enable stun protocol inspection - FTD2110

Hi ALL Any option to enable stun protocol inspection for specific rules only in FTD2110If not do we need to enable it in global policy ... what are supportive commands to enable this protocol This is what we see atm > show service-policy inspect stun...

TJ01 by Beginner
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Port channel on Firewall 2110

Hello, Exploring port-channel configuration on the firewall for redundancy but to my surprise, it not supported on FTD running version 6.3.0-80. require FMC to do it.

owen2 by Beginner
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