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AnyConnect Management Tunnel Issues


Currently we have AnyConnect deployed for our users to connect to the VPN which has no issues on this profile. We setup a new test AnyConnect Connection Profile which has a Group Policy configured to download Client Profile which is the management tunnel.

In the AnyConnect Client Profile for the ManagementTunnel under the Preferences (Part 2), the Automatic connection is enabled for detecting Trusted and Untrusted network.

However, we are seeing a bit of an issue with this test profile that we haven't been able to figure out why and hope someone can provide some tips on where to check.

1) Every time computer boots up and user login to Windows, AnyConnect client will open and try to connect to the test user vpn profile and requests the user to enter their credentials. User can hit cancel and then the Management Tunnel connects. Everything works fine at that point for a while.
2 ) After about an hour or two, the AnyConnect client will open again (disconnects the Management Tunnel) and asks the user to login to the vpn. User can hit cancel again and management tunnel connects back.

What we are expecting is:

  • When a user login to Windows, the AnyConnect should not open and try to connect to the vpn.
  • When the user is not connected to the user vpn, the management tunnel connects and stays connected until the user initiates the VPN connection request on AnyConnect.

Thx in advance for any assist provided

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MHM Cisco World
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VIP Mentor

share the anyconnect config 


Aref Alsouqi
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VIP Collaborator

Maybe you have Auto Connect on Start enabled in Preferences part 1 page?


Was a solution found? were experiencing the exact same issue with the management tunnel where the AnyConnect client will randomly popup trying to manually connect, this disconnects the Management tunnel until you cancel the AnyConnect connection.  This happens randomly every few hours for all users.

AutoConnect is disabled in the AnyConnect profile under Preferences page 1

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