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ASA 5555-X Throughput Calculations


Hello Experts, 

Could someone refer to a document on how to calculate the data throughput of the Cisco ASA 5555-X threat defense firewall?


I have checked many articles on the Cisco community forum but they are not accurate and don't give us a correct value.

It would be really helpful if someone help me with this. Thank You.

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Not sure what document, (give us what document you referring or check this )


If you have cisco Live presentation access , Look for good presentation :(BRKSEC-3021).


Are you runing FP Modules or FTD ?





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We are running FTD 6.6.1

Hi Balaji,

Thanks for sharing the document link. The Cisco Live presentation BRKSEC-3021 is really helpful to understand ASA traffic analysis. 

Still, there is confusion in regards to the throughput calculations. 

according to this link, we need to add either received bytes or transmit bytes on the physical interface to calculate the throughput.

But, the below links suggest, we need to add both i.e. transmit and received byes to know the actual throughput.


Rob Ingram
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@Nikhil5 if you are a partner you can go to Cisco NGFW Performance Estimator to get information on the performance of the hardware running FTD. You've also got the datasheet here that provides some information.






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