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Resolved! Cisco Ise using default policy

HelloI have implemented some policies on Cisco ISE but it is using default policies instead of the ones i configured.Can i please get help on it.I have attached the the image below

cisco ise.png
Tutu by Beginner
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5516-X: Allowing traffic from web server on separate ISP to internal private network on a specific port

Hey all. We're experiencing difficulty allowing traffic from our outside web server's public IP to our internal SQL server on a specific port, on our private network. We have web services for our customers to use that interface through IIS...

R4L by Beginner
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Any Connect VPN

Hi Tech guys, in my Internet edge deployment, My FTD (21110) is behind the ASR1000 Router(Internet Gateway). I want to allow  any connect vpn clients to establish vpn connection to  FTD  via NAT Configured on ASR1000. From the Firewall perspective, I...

Resolved! Fire Power IPS License issue

I have a ASA 5515-X Firewall. I have also installed 'sfr module' onto the firewall. I purchased a FirePower IPS License (L-ASA551-TA-1Y). But after download the License file I saw that, this was (Control+Protection) License. I just little worried, is...

Resolved! Cannot input data from AD to ISE

HI I want to input data from Active Directory to ISE. Now I notice the issue is both ISE and AD cannot integrate well. Please see the picture below. The correct domain is abcd.local, but what i can see is instead of ISE1.abcd.local. Can...

eigrpy by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Cannot access FTD management Interface

In my lab, I previously had my FTD management interface on the same subnet as my inside network. The inside network is using the FTD Inside interface as gateway and everything was working without any issues. I recently created a separate management n...