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External NAT getting blocked

We have a user trying to access a local machine from the Internet and they are getting blocked by our ASA firewall.  We can access the internal machine from inside the network.  Our nat statements are getting blocked as follows: Commands object netwo...

Resolved! Hairpinning?

Hello, I have a Cisco ASA 5505 Firewall I need some help with.  I have 2 cameras set up on my inside network that I need access to from my outside network. I setup the NAT rules from outside to inside along with the access list to allow traffic. Ever...

Resolved! 4110 FTD not registering with FMC

Hi all, I have configured a virtual FTD on a 4110 and trying to register the device to the FMC. The 4110 is running FXOS 1.1(4) and the FTD is running 6.0.1 image. I have upgraded the FMC to 6.0.1. I have been trying to register the FTD device to the...

Shahin901 by Beginner
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Using Blacklist/whitelist on IDS

Hello, I am currently planning on implementation of 4360 IDS system that will not be inline but monitoring the data VLAN on a switch. Someone asked me if I was going to create a blacklist and a whitelist for the IDS. Would that even be worth creating...

ASA Fail-over Pair SNMP Monitoring

I have setup 2 ASA5525-X with Firepower services in an active/standby failover pair, I have enabled SNMP V3 on firewalls and my NMS software detects both the firewalls but with the same host name for both devices. Intermittently  my NMS application (...

Resolved! ASA 5505 - ACL Flow on Same Security VLANs

Hello, I am experiencing some odd behavior (or I'm missing something) with ACLs between 2 same-security-level VLANs.  The firewall is an ASA 5505 running IOS 9.2(4). The VLANs simply separate users from servers and apply some access control. I have...

Keef by Beginner
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Resolved! Failover Failed status

Hi Team, We have 2 ASA5515-x in failover Active/Standby mode. Recently, a failover has accured. I had this status : Failover On Failover unit SecondaryFailover LAN Interface: FOLINK GigabitEthernet0/2 (up)Unit Poll frequency 1 seconds, holdtime 15 se...

foued kh by Beginner
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Assymetric routing on an ASA

We have kind of a strange situation going on. We have a web server hosted in a DMZ located off our DMZ interface on our ASA. This web server has two NICs one of which is in a management vlan connected directly to our core switch bypassing the ASA the...

ntalbot91 by Beginner
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