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I have a Cisco ASA 5505 running 8.2(4) and I have a single wireless AP connected. The ASA has a base license and is configured for internet access. I have a DHCP pool that supplies IP address to the AP and to clients and a wireless printer in the 10....

burleyman by Collaborator
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ASA software version 9.4(1) Public IP address for mail server: ASA external IP: Internal mail server IP: (object SpamTitan) Relevant output of #show nat Auto NAT Policies (Section 2) 7 (inside) to (outside) source static...

Hello Everyone, I activated licenses on FMC and they are showing up as active and unused. I've enabled the managed device to utilize them but still shows up as unlicensed. When I edit the device, the checkbox under licenses are greyed out. I'm runnin...

Hi , We have a customer requirement that they want to give priority for Voice traffic over the other internet traffic. they have 6 Mbps internet link. ASA  has 2 interfaces configured, inside and outside. ASA 5510 , s/w 9.1.2. they hosted their VoIP ...

I have ASA with Firepower module controled by Firepower Management Center. ASA protect some network segments from other WAN. I have enabled signature PSNG_TCP_PORTSCAN and PSNG_TCP_PORTSWEEP. Portscan Detection Sensitivity Level is Low (or Medium).I ...

v.kolosov by Beginner
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Hello everyone As the title suggest, I am currently playing around with the SFR module on my 5506-X. I think I set everything up corretly for everything is working so far. All software is updated to the latest releases. Now to the problem or rather ...

Hi All, I am using a 5512X in my lab and looking for some info on installing the FirePOWER software on the SSD. I am following the document here -

GRANT3779 by Frequent Contributor
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i need to know the below performance to ASA 5508-X Firepower :- 1) Compression2) Virtual contexts 3)SSL throughput  in Gbps 4)Maximum L4 connections per second 5)Maximum L7 connections per second 6)Concurrent connections    

Hello All, I need to allow IPSEC NAT-T through an ASA5520 Ver 9.17. The vendor has stated that I need to forward UDP ports 500 and 4500 and also ICMP and ESP to the interface of their router which will be the termination point for the VPN tunnel. Un...

I am trying to run TFD 6.1 in our lab enviroment to test it - I installed Firepower NGFW Virtual v6.1.0 on ESXi 5.1 or 5.5 image to our ESXi 5.5 - I tryed to deploy both versions either VI or ESXi - but I am not able to setup management IP address. I...

pnavratil by Beginner
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