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Hi Team, With Cisco 4100 series is the below feature set supported: The operating system should have option of checking the configuration before committing and option of rollback to previous five configurations.Should support transparent (Access) mo...

ymadheka by Level 4
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We are not PCI compliant for our merchant services - They informed me that I need to update to SSH2 on port 22. I used to have a network contractor that would do this for me but because of budgeting I no longer have it. My question whe...

I purchased a pair of refurbished ASA 5510 (Sec Plus) to create a ACTIVE/STANDBY failover. When I check 'show activation-key', it shows: Failover                       : Active/Active How do I change this to active/standby? I thought Sec Plus licen...

pcarlet by Level 1
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I would like to know about the license API to integrate an Algosec solution with Cisco CSM. Does this license have cost or no?Q.What are the API capabilities? A. API-based access enables Cisco Security Manager to securely share information with other...

Hi, i need configure VPN tunnel between ASA and VMware vShield Edge. The configuration is fine, between to sides the tunnel is up, but the servers in both side don't have comunication. So, my question is.. What are the requieriment for servers can co...

thorchin by Level 1
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