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HiI am just configuring a RB VPN between our FTD and another ISP and I notice the option for backup VTI, does this allow me to add a different source VTI and a different remote Peer IP Address for resilience within the same RB VPN ?? if so how do i a...

Resolved! FTD ICMP question

HiTo allow icmp to traverse a site to site VPN between 3rd party and us is it just the same as allowing TCP/UDP or do I have to do something different? I have created a static uni-directional identity nat rule also the traffic is to be initiated from...

N3om by Level 1
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Hello, We have a pair of ASA-5555 in spare that we want to re-use these devices. One of the ASAs is no longer showing its Interface Card module. The other device which is the same model with the same modules is showing the module. Name: "module 1", D...

jds5 by Level 1
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For those of you that have been patiently waiting - 7.4.1 is now live on  This release enables the 7.4 feature set for all FTD Devices (excluding those already EoS) as well as delivering additional feature capabilities and a tonne of improv...

Hello,I'm trying to figure out a way to suppress logging to the FMC console for DNS_over_TCP & DNS_over_UDP from Umbrella VAs to the Umbrella public DNS servers. That traffic is cluttering the console. It is trusted and secure. I don't really want to...

davparker by Level 1
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Hi Guys, I have a firepower cluster, 2 on DC and 2 on DR connected through a nexus switch  ( dark fiber) , i am getting mac flapping on the nexus , the Site ID on the chassis is both different. Can anyone advise please

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