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Resolved! Using a Transparent Firewall

How does a transparent firewall intercept traffic in order to inspect and filter it?  I'm not clear on the physical makeup of the design.  If I have a vlan with some hosts I want to protect and connect the inside and outside interfaces of an ASA to t...

IPS host block based on custom criteria

Back when I was using Microsoft ISA I was able to setup rules that would (permanently) block a host exhibiting certain behaviour. I am trying to achieve the same using a Cisco ASA IPS.We have certain special ports open on IP addresses but the common ...

pdeleanu by Beginner
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Checkpoint to ASA NAT rule

I'm trying to move my configuration from a Chekcpoint firewall to an ASA 5520 firewall.My problem is related to the rel 8.4(6) NAT features that seems quite different from the Checkpoint format.For example in the Checkpoint firewall I've the followin...

rosarra by Beginner
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Signature 1306 - promiscuous mode

The documentation for Signature 1306 states "This signature will NOT function in promiscuous mode." So if this signature is reported by a device which is running in promiscuous mode, what does that mean? Something is causing it to trigger - so there ...

NAT Will Not Work

I have the following configured on an ASA running 9.1(2)object network Webserver Host nat (DMZ,outside) static knock_knock extended permit tcp any object Webserver eq httpAccess-group knock_knock in interface outsideB...

Resolved! CISCO ASA 5520 telnet

I have a CISCO5520 and telnet suddenly stopped working on my inside interface.I have checked my syslog error and get the following5Oct 15 201311:56:02Resource 'telnet' limit of 5 reached for context 'single_vf'Any idea what this could be?ThanksJames.

Resolved! Firewall config move

Hi,I would like to take a config from a ASA5520 version 8.4(7) and convert it to run on a 5545X version 9.1(1) or higher. Is there a tool I can use to convert the config to match up with the 5545X hardware and software?Any good docs on the procedure ...

SonicWall VPN Clients disconnecting

Hello,I have some users inside our network behind an ASA5505 and a 3845 router.  The are doing a VPN to a SonicWall device outside of out network.  The longest they can stay connected is 2-3 minutes before they get disconnected.  I heave heard there ...

Resolved! Weird ARP issue

Hello allI have a very weird ARP issue on my ASA 5585-X SSP10 with software 8.4.6(5).First the setup:ASA - VLAN2 - IP Mask (ASA is in routing mode) - MAC 6c20.5658.8764Second Router (router2) - VLAN2 - IP Mask...

patoberli by VIP Advisor
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