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Vpn clarification

Dears,I have a query regarding Site to Site VPN setup between a Juniper SRX 3600 and Cisco asa.We have a Cisco ASA and the client has a Juniper SRX 3600.Scenario here is our end Cisco ASA outside interface is private ip ( & Public ip(stat...

Shibu1978 by Beginner
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cisco asa high cpu and hangs

Hi All,I am having a cisco ASA5510 - 8.2(5) version in standalone mode. Randomly this firewall gets high cpu have to reboot it everytime.during the issue, when enter show cpu usage, im getting core cpu as 99% after 5 minutes. Hence getting a console ...

secureIT by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Can not login to ASDM

Hi All,I have done with my anyconnect vpn. but after  anyconnect vpn is connected, I can not connect to my asa55212-x using  ASDM. It is display message that" Unable to launch device manager  from 175.100.111.XX". and  if I disconnect anyconnect vpn ...

ASA traceroute return traffic (hops)

I currently am trying to set up an ACL to allow only type 11 ICMP messages back through the outside interface of our ASA using specific hosts and destination addresses.  Currently I have two object groups set up with internal address (object group 1)...

Cisco ASA 5505 8.0(2) DMZ Server issues

I am having some issues getting the dmz server up and running. I have internet access from inside.I would like internet access from dmz.Also outside to dmz.I have tried adding static routes and configuring the ACL to no avail. I know this is pre-8.3;...

drexthe01 by Beginner
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NAT rules

Hi Guys,I have 2 interface on ASA inside and outside using nat to hide outside IP from inside users.inside : subnet for usersoutside : dmz serverI created nat and users able to access file server in dmz.Is it possible for users ...

Resolved! ASA 5505 ASDM included?

I have installed a few 5505's for a small business, and received one today that does not appear to have the ASDM.  I did not know this was an option, and maybe they bought the incorrect version, but the other two 5505's have the ASDM, and I am able t...

wosully by Beginner
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