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  Hi Everyone, Need to confirm how ASA will choose next hop IP from below config ASA configInterface Xip XWhere this ASA talks to server on port 443.As per the network setup ASA should reach server 172.16...

mahesh18 by Frequent Contributor
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I have an ASA 5505 code version 9.0(3) and FTPS seems to be working with some but not others. The ones who can transfer files have full ip completely, but the ones who can't are able to authenticate but cannot transfer files. This led me to believe t...

We are trying to demo a new web security appliance, and we have our current one installed and working.Is it possible to have two WSA's running concurrently?  From what I'm reading web-cache, service group 0 is where all port 80 traffic is pointed.  I...

I have an odd scenario but need help with anti-spoofing on my outside interface. I have a subnet of our network IPs outside my firewall that needs allowed inside. I had do disable anti-spoofing on my outside interface to allow this subnet into our ne...