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 Hi Everyone, Our client has ASA 5520 config for active/standby.They are using Lan  Failover link and they have dedicated interface for it.Rest all other interfaces are used up except the management interfaceMy question is can i config the stateful l...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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I would like to block networks through from accessing networks 10.0.240/20I've come to the conclusion that the best way of doing this is with 4 separate acl's:ACL 1 - 0.0 - 127.255ACL 2 - 128.0 - 191.255ACL 3 - 192.0 - 223.2...

Resolved! ASA 5512 License

 Hi,we have two ASA 5512 configured in active standby mode.Primary ASA was having temporary fail-over license installed now that license is expired  we have received and installed permanent license.To activate the license we need to reboot the primar...

Hi All,I didn't see any command related to EEM in ASA. Does ASA support it? I want to catch one specific log and triger an event sent to my network management system.Thanks.Lou

configure identity policies to require active authentication,but no login form display, why?  1Define realm  which contain one AD 2Define identity policy  3Define identity policy object 4Define access policy,specify Identity policy objects as part of...

 Hi Everyone, I upgraded ASA 5505 to Security plus license.i bought lic from ebay.Here is part of ebay that shows after upgrade it should look like this Output of show version after the upgrade:Maximum Physical Interfaces       : 8              perpe...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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