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Hi all,anyone knows if asa 5512 does support dual isp configurations?I'm asking that however because I've never had one in my hands (only 5515's and higher) and it's known that there was such a limitation on old asa's with base license.Thanks to all,...

Hi, I have inherited a Cisco 5515 ASA, which is up and running on the company network. As a complete Noob to ASA’s I have the following problem.Users require accessing an internal server via an external web address. The DNS map of the web address po...

Dear Expters,I want to configure NATing for the specifc Server inside the Secured LAN zone ( server need to provide only access thorugh RDP/3189 port from only one iP address.Inside IP address : address : 172.21....

Resolved! BGP on ASA

I have two ASA 5520 running, if the main firewall fail it should fail over to the 2nd, I want to get a next ISP so if the 1st ISP fail it should fail over to the next ISP, I want to use BGP to route between ISP, do I have to get a router and put it b...

Hello all.  I recently upgraded my 5520 to 9.0.1 IOS.  Today I tried to apply a capture to my inside interface referencing a simple ACL and I get this error.ERROR: Capture doesn't support access-list <capin> containing mixed policiesI also created a ...

ASA 5520 with three interfaces - inside, outside, and now newly created DMZ - all physical interfaces on the FWInside interface is connected directly to layer 2 switch with port on switch set as access port for a specific VLAN 601This layer 2 switch ...

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Having an issue with repeated Shunned Packets in the ASFM Syslog.  I was going to call support, however I'm not sure if I can even explain the issue, if there even is an issue, that is why I need your help.I'm Getting a constant stream of Shunned pac...

Lon by Level 1
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