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I have an ASA5512 feeding two Catalyst 3560's connected via 10Ge Fiber.  Also on the network is a wireless controller for 7 access points.  This is a high density environment.I think I want to setup a couple of logical networks:  a 192.168.1.x for th...

Hello All,I'm using the Cisco ASA 5520 on GNS3 .. Everything is working fine, except for one thing. The CCP .. I tried the CCP with a router and it worked, but it can't see the firewall.I have already enabled the http server using "http server enable...

Hi,I tried to activate the AnyConnect Essentials:Maximum Physical Interfaces       : Unlimited      perpetualMaximum VLANs                     : 100            perpetualInside Hosts                      : Unlimited      perpetualFailover             ...

Hi,I have cisco ASA in transparnt mode with the below setup:PC ------- ASA --------- Server1I am trying to allow ssh from PC to Server1 through ssh, i have add access-list to allow port 22 and from PC i am able to telenet to port 22, but when i estab...

We are currently running a Check Point firewall and would like to migrate to the ASA platform. Does anyone know of a conversion / migration utility that will convert Check Point firewall rules to ASA? Thanks

pshuen by Level 1
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I am trying to configure two ASA 5525 in Active/Standby mode using multiple contexts and is in transparent mode. We are using trunk ports which are ether-channeled. The problem we are having is the the ASA's alternate betwen active/standby with the f...

Hi All, I have two ASA 5500 in failover mode.  I want to upgrade license on one ASA with ASA   5500 SSL VPN 250 to 500 Premium User Upgrade LicenseDoes i need to upgarde IOS , and how will they work in failover  if license is put only on one ASA and ...

startx001 by Level 1
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