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Hello allIn our company we use cisco 3845 as router and firewall.on this router we connect 30 workstations and 20 servers.All workstations and servers in on different subnets.We wish configure this router also as IPS using IOS IPS.Please say it is po...

Hi, i am totally new to ASA, can someone help me out with Static NAT translation? what i am trying to do here is translate an inside address to an outside address to allow our video conference equipment to be access from the outside.  I thought i had...

Hi,the router is configured to sent logging messages to syslog servers. It seems OK, but nothing is logged on the syslog servers. If i do debugging on the router, or go in config mode and exit, the output messages are sent to the syslog server. I don...

Hi all,I am running ASA 5550 8.2.2 and ASDM 6.2.5. Does anyone know of a way to save the output from the ASDM > Monitoring > Logging > Real-Time Log Viewer in real time ? The file menu does not suite my needs. I have a planned change window to enable...

jowegrzy by Level 1
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hi everyone,when i do sh asp table int  on ASA  --  system space it shows Soft-np interface 'x' is up    context admin, nicnum 3, need to know what does Soft-np and nicnum value 3 mean here?Also i checked that value of nicnum is different  on some in...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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HI guys,Iam trying to configure VPN and need to change the following command to fit in image asa724-k8;nat (inside,outside) 1 source static net-local destination static net-remote net-remoteThis is an old command.I need you help.Thanks,

Hi Everyone,I have this Layer 7 Policy Map which i config using ASDM  under inspectspolicy-map type inspect http test4        parameters          protocol-violation action drop-connection log        class _default_GoToMyPC-tunnel          drop-connec...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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Hi All,I would like to temporarily allow asdm managmeent from an external network while I change some IPs for my site-to-site VPN.  I've tried allowing, but that doesn't work.  When I try to enable the management feature on the outsid...

lmalhoit by Level 1
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Resolved! Site-To-Site VPN

Hello everyone,We need some with site to site vpn from our current location to another customer’s sitewe configured both sites ASA firewalls and see traffic in the logs, not able to connect - maybe we missed something, we need your helpSending both A...

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