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Hi I captured attempt (telnet 8888)  from of connection on outside interface of ASA2 packets captured   1: 13:35:59.051358 > S 920768158:920768158(0) win 49640 <mss 1380,nop,wscale 0,nop...

Is there a way to force a Cisco ASA to close a connection by sending a TCP Reset packet in both directions?  I know of clear conn and clear local-host, but the testing I've done show those commands just purge the connection from the connection table,...

Hi,I have cisco IPS 4270 inline, and before cisco ASA.I can always see signature 1300/0 fires, i have applied TCP normalization on ASA and still i can see same signature there anything i can do to trace the root cause?tcp-map tcp-NORM_Map  ch...

Guyz i have 2 pix connected to outside internet and connected internally to VPN switch which is connected to 1 ASA and VPN concentrator. right now i have VPN concentrator to terminate VPN remote clients . now i have a public ip address that i wanna u...

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