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SSM blocking avira antivirus update

Hello,I have an issue from one of our branch office site that after spyware/grayware is updated the avira antivirus update on client PC is failed. When I have passed the traffic through the firewall instead of SSM module then it is successfully updat...

saimunpial by Beginner
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ASA5580 port channel to 6509 VSS

Hi All,I hope this is the correct location for this.Anyway, here's the situation I'm trying to configure several VLANs on my ASA to uniquely allocate to contexts, the VLANs will be trunked from my VSS.Unfortunately I'm not clear on how to achieve thi...

Resolved! ASA5525X Crash during packet trace

Hi all,Can someone help me regarding this one? Our Firewall is just new. ASA5525XToday, during a packet_trace to debug a routing problem, the active ASA- thsasaprd02 - crashed suddenly.I was able to copy-paste the console - including the command that...

neri_john by Beginner
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ASA 5505 License Upgrade

Hi,I have a Cisco ASA 5505 device with basic (default) license, currently all my reirections, VPN's, VLAN's(3 Vlan's) etc are configured on the same and are working fine.Now i need to upgrade my basic license to "Security Plus" for some additional fe...

saneeshch by Beginner
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Dear,I have a ASA 5520 with nat Control enabled in my job. This firewall is very critical for bussiness process, so I'd like to confirm with you what happen if I disable this control. This command is an update legacy of the IOS version from a Cisco P...

javi_cesp by Beginner
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Resolved! AIP SSM-10 setup and testing

In my lab, I have a new 5510 with AIP-SSM card. I believe it is configured correctly to evaluate traffic, but I can't be sure.   Here is part of the ASA config:class-map global-class  match anyclass-map inspection_default  match default-inspection-tr...

jimmyc_2 by Beginner
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Cisco ASA5510 +SSM10 setup

Can anyone tell me if Cisco is going to continue support of the SSM10 IPS  with the 5510 and 5520 Firewalls. I cant seem to find the system images for setup on them. This usually means that they are going to eventually drop it ( within next 2 years)I...

ASA5555-x IPS question

We recently moved to a single ASA5555-x firewall that has the IPS software module in it.However it is currently inactive.I would now liek to enable it and spend the next month or so in promiscous mode.IPS image 7.1.4 is on the firewall but i have yet...

dclee by Beginner
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