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Hello All,I was just curious if SSH v1 is considered vulnerable why is it still enabled by default on the ASA 8.4 by default?What is the vulnerability impact of using SSH v1 on an ASA?Thanks!

Ruterford by Level 1
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Hello folks,Just a few questions. We are looking to deploying Cisco ASA 5545 into a network. I have a couple of issues with designing the network correctly. We need to be able to scale out to more hosts than a single VLAN, we would also be considerin...

Cisco 891-K9 router, very basic config, minimal firewall in place.I keep getting warnings in the log:Dropping TCP Segment:xxxx is out-of-order... Reason:TCP reassembly queue overflow....I have increased the size of the ooo queue etc. as follows (incr...

Resolved! Problem with nat?

Hi,I have the following NAT rule:                        object network HTTP_Test_80nat (TestEnvironment,WAN1) static service tcp www wwwThis allows http traffic to a testserver from the outside. An ACL is also in place and i can get to ...

IT Asitis by Level 1
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Hi,I want to ssh to my asa from internet.for it iahve done some configuration, but my asa is not pinging from internet.Below is my ASA's show runPlease help me..Regards,Milan Verma-------------------------------------------------------------RBN-ASA-0...

milan_ver by Level 1
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