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ARP issue with Cisco 5505

Hi there, We have an issue with our current ASA 5505 set up and I hope someone can help.  Here is the setupISP Handoff -> L2 Switch -> VLAN 1 of ASA                                      -> VLAN 2 of ASAThe ISP handoff is a single ethernet cable but t...

Problem with http inspection policy

Hi,I'm using ASA5585 with Software Version 8.4(2) and Device Manager Version 6.4(5)I'm having difficulties configure http inspection policy on this ASA.My firewall mode is transparent.My main goal here is to drop connection from user originating from...

handaya . by Beginner
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ASA5505 with WRVS4400N on Cox

I've been trying to get my WRVS4400N connected to my ASA5505 on the internet through a Cox connection, but it isn't working.  I cannot get the ASA to be the DHCP server for the wireless router.  I've configured the wireless router as a gateway and po...

ewood2624 by Contributor
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Port 5061 Issue on FWSM

We are running a FWSM and have created ACL's for a new Lync install.  One of the rules needs to have port 5061 access from any source to our front edge server for communication.  When looking at the logs I see a hit on the ACL but nothing ever actual...

Rick Morris by Frequent Contributor
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Hi ALLi have to install an ASA 5505 and i need DHCP for more than 1000 ip addressesi faced a problem when i am configuring a DHCP pool that i con not get more than 256 ip addresss from the dhcp pooldo i have to buy a license or upgrading new firware ...

george by Beginner
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