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Hi everyone,  I have a basic ASA 5505 that is doing soemthing strange.  The only config it has it that all three interfaces have IP's (DMZ, INSIDE, OUTSIDE).  There are no other rules other than default.When I set up a rule to allow traffic from the ...

tmcmurray by Level 1
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i bought a pix 515 to play with and i upgraded it to the farthest release 8.0(4) it was at 7.22 and the web interface and ASDM is not working.  do i need to upgrade the ASDM?  when i run the launcher i get a fatal error : handshake_failure.  i just u...

                   Hi ,We have two L2 switches and 2 ASA firewalls, We have to use firewalls in Active standby mode.We want to terminate our internet connections to L2 switchs, then to firewall.Can we do this or how we can configure this.

Resolved! ACL Hit Counts

ACL hit countsHi,I jsut needed to clarify something, i have a data Center & branch Office connected to each other through IPSec VPN. I also have SSL-VPn configured on the firewall in my data center, the same firewall on which the IPSec VPn from my br...

Hi all,   I am new to logging in the IOS.  Fairly new to ZFW too, but have set up ZFW to block all internal sytsems from sending through port 25, except the mail server on the LAN.  This is to help stop a spambot which I am trying to identify.  As ty...

cluovpemb by Level 1
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Hello,I have an issue with a firewall, there are servers and load balancer behind my firewall that need to reach a host in the internetthese are the rules:acl permit tcp X.X.X.X Y.Y.Y:Y 8406  (this works ) but using the IP not the hostname (in this c...

i want to ask about asa 5510 i connect the asa with two pc ( one act as inside and the other act outside ) and i configure the asa put the problem is .. i cant ping the inside pc from outside and vise versai tride many thing that i read in cisco webs...

So I have a client with an ASA 5520 running version 9.0 (was on 8.4) that I am trying to get either IPSec or SSL VPN configured on.  I got everything setup and tried to connect.  However, I couldn't connect to either.  I fired up the real time monito...

deyster94 by Level 5
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