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Firewalling: Best Practise?

We have purchased a Cisco ASA 5505 to protect the servers behind it and I have a question on how to go about it. This is what we have:- 5 servers with dedicated public IPs and some have more than one (web hosting)- 2 switches, one for public network ...

Resolved! firewall prompt

Hi All,A ftp server behind asa gives a strange problem. When a user logs in initially, credential prompt appears on the  page. However if that session is closed and a new session is opened for the same user, using browser or command line, they are di...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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Very simple ACL question

I am looking over a config of an old ASA5520.  One network has this ACL applied:access-list acl_dmztest extended permit icmp any anyaccess-list acl_dmztest extended permit ip any anyaccess-list acl_dmztest extended permit tcp host host 10...

ASA 5505 Pleae help

I brought Firewall ASA5505 “ASA5505-50-BUN-K9 “(is there possible to upgrade same device to “ASA5505-SEC-BUN-K9 “if yes then how)I am new for FirewallNow I tried through Cisco help / YouTube / Google etc. i got internet after few changes also pinging...

it4mazars by Beginner
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FWSM -surge in xlate count

HiOtherday we had a problem with my FWSM. There were huge no of xlate connections shown in the firewall. Traffic was not going through, interfaces were in hung state, had to reboot the FWSM beside blocking the IP Addresses from where the huge number ...

vpn tunnel issues

Hi,I am getting the below  messages in my cisco asa 5520, during this time tunnel is down. just what to check whether the problem is at remote FW or with asa. local fw: asaremote fw : check point UTM edgejan 12 2012 10:50:27: %%asa-3-713902: group = ...

sridhar ch by Beginner
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server access.

i,We have created site to site tunnel .Tunnel is up the problem is we have are not able to access server from far end.Access- list is also correct .Request you to guide me in excuting capture command through asdm .so that we can share the logs.

inbound static nat 8.4(2)

Hey Guys,I'm beating my head and probably missing something simple, I have an ASA running 8.4(2) 5520 trying to do an inbound NAT from the internet to the machine.  THis is what I did interface INETsecurity-level 0 interface DMZ security-level 90 obj...

Weird One Way VPN tunnel issue

Site A ASA5550 with vlan1, vlan2, and vlan3 <~~ HeadquarterSite B ASA5510 with vlan1Site C ASA5505 with vlan1Site A is a HQ and we have Site-to-Site VPN set for all sites with IPsec IKEv1 IPsecSite A <--> Site BSite A <--> Site CProblem is on Site A ...

IT Dept by Beginner
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ASA 5510 issue

Hello all,I seem to have a weird issue with ASA 5510 which is actually resolved but would like to share it.We have a cisco 3745 which has a public LAN port. It has the IP ( for example) assigned to one of it's fastethernet interfaces. On t...

mukundh86 by Beginner
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Resolved! Resilient NAT

Hi guysI need to setup an ASA 5520 to correctly NAT over two wan links. The idea sounds pretty straingforward but it does not, I have only 2 IPs that are involved with the NAT192.168.1.10(Nated Server) -- Server)I have 2 interfaces th...

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