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Hi there,I got a strange issue here. Our company just bought 3 ASA5505 firewalls with Security Plus license for testing purpose.At the beginning, everything is fine. However, yesterday I upgraded the IOS to the latest 8.44(1). Then the Anyconnect Ess...

Actual diagram looks like this and it's without Internet: <SiteA CE>--<PE>--(MAN/VPLS)--<PE>--<SiteB CE> Proposed to use on SiteB dedicated PC - InternetProposed scheme: <SiteA CE>--<PE>--(MAN/VPLS)--<PE>--<SiteB CE>                                  ...

Hi, a colleague tells me the new ASA range can support Active/Active failover where you can have both devices in a pair passing traffic through the same context.This seems quite a radical advancement so I just wanted to make sure this is correct befo...

robward by Level 1
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folks,i have a problem with my vpn client not connecting to other corporate vpn server, I have a INBOUND access-list on my router which is permitting only the below access-list. When i remove the below access-list from the interface remote vpn works ...

I have a Cisco ASA 5505 - 50 VPN edition.  I have baffling network issues that I have not been able to pinpoint and I recently started to think it may have something to do with my ASA.  I'm a network administrator and I have a Cisco ASA 5505 in my ho...

rjmarker1 by Level 1
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Hello all, looking for some assistance.I am simply trying to grant RDP access from the outside Internet to an internal host -- -- on the inside-2 network. The config below is edited, but I think I have all the relevant pieces in there.Tha...

henry9876 by Level 1
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Hello,I am setting up a NAC CAM and CAS 4.7.2 OOB setup in a test environment (NAC failover for CAM and CAS), and I am seeing some strange SNMP issues.  I am testing with a 3750 switch (12.2(53)SE1) using SNMP v2 and v3 since v3 and accessing the swi...

mduling by Level 1
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Hi,I have object-group created on ASA box which is not showing in ASDM, here are the version of ASA and ASDM. I have tried to refresh " ASDM  with runing configuration on the device"  on ASDM toolCisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 8.4...

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