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PIX515 URL filtering doen't work

Dear collegues,I have one outside interface with global IP address and two inside.Both inside interfaces restrict and non_restrict have private IP addresses.I tried to filter some URLs on PIX515 IOS 7.2, only on restrict interface but my filt...

Resolved! NAT Command Question

Hi all :I have below question that : There is existing one subnet subnet at the Inside Network. My customer wants another subnet created in this Inside Network. Existing there is NAT command for this subnet as belo...

Resolved! Botnet database updates

In ASDM under monitoring, Botnet Traffic Filter, Updater Client I noticed the following:Last update attempted at 16:32:15 EDT Oct 13 2011,   with result:  Failed to read downloaded update fileNext update is in 00:00:00Database file version is '131788...

can't get internet access from DMZ

hi there,I can't seem to get internet access working from the DMZ network through our ASA 5510. PCs on the DMZ can ping the ASA but can't get out to the internet.I will attach a (cleaned) configCan anyone help? I'm sure its obvious to an ASA guru!Che...

Resolved! SSH stops in dual ISP setup

ASA 7.2(4)I have (painfully!) sucessfully configured a site with dual ISP's, several site-to-site VPN's (that don't failover), inbound forwards, etc... The only remaining issue is SSH. Prior to adding a 2nd ISP, ssh on both inside and outside worked ...

cuchara61 by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA with two trusted interfaces

I'm going nuts with this ASA5505. This is a secondary firewall used only in emergencies when the primary Checkpoint failes.The basics, it has two trusted interfaces, E0/1 and E0/2-6. E0/1, inside2 has 192.168.01/29 and inside is  I'...

Resolved! ASA 5505 Connected To Linksys Router

Hello, I have a cable modem internet connection and my cable modem is connected to an ASA 5505.  The inside interface of the ASA has an IP address of and is connected to a Linksys router's internet port which has an IP address of 192.168....

dchristm09 by Beginner
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