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ASA 5520 no longer sending log to FTP

Hello.We have a ASA 5520 which is configured to send log files to an ftp server.  It has been doing that until recently I found out that it stopped sending the logs on August 11.  I can't remember what I have changed in the ASA config to make the ftp...

mlewis1 by Beginner
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Which interface to apply IOS IPS

Hello,I have IOS IPS installed on 4 routers on our network at different sites.  They are 2911 routers, with 2GB ram and i am using the latest signatures from cisco.  Everything is working fine.  I have enabled the basic signatures.  At the moment the...

ohareka70 by Participant
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PIX 525 access rule question

Hey all,PIX 525 UR-BUNVer 8.0(2)I need to enable HTTP and HTTPS access from one inside interface to another so that the users can access OWA on the Exchange server.It is important that I only allow the above services through the firewall. I do not wa...

unable to access remote network after connecting ASA 5510 and 5505 site-to-site VPN

Hi,I am using two firewalls to connect two different offices. Firewall 5510 is running ASDM 6.3 and 5505 is running ASDM 6.2Problem is that even after connecting two sites, i am unable to ping remote network from either side. I am mentioned static ro...

management IP for sdee?

folksi've posted a query on this yesterday but i tried a couple of things and seem to have got furtherif i point my collector (not mars) to the aip-ssm-20s management IP i get a connection and if i browse to it i can see the contents of the event sto...

Resolved! SDEE collector and sdee url

folksi have a non-cisco sdee collector trying to get events from my asa5540 (aip-ssm-20)the collector's IP is in the acl on the aip-ssmhttps://10.x.x.x/cgi-bin/sdee-serverif i https to the url i get a prompt but once i logon, and i can see the accoun...

ASA design for DMZ and failover

Hi everyone,I got a pair of ASA f/w's which are going to be in active/stanby configuration and the low security interfaces will connect to 2 seperate switches configured with separate vlan for each interface from the f/w. This allows for redundant co...

FWSM on 6509 VSS + VRF

Greetings!   I'm currently on a project which uses FWSM modules on 6509 Chassis running VSS. I'm facing some dificulties to set remote admin access to the 6509 through 2 FW contexts from WAN. This should be a simple task but... What am I  missing?   ...

FWSM and NFS 4 inspection

HelloI have NFS4 communication. I would like FWSM to perform NFS4 inspection - of course without payload which is encrypted (just port negotiations/control port). What can do FWSM with NFS4 ? I can not find any specific information. What is maximum N...

teknet7 by Beginner
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