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I am using the IDSM-2 in inline mode and I am getting the following status event message :evStatus: eventId=1336563424842344750  vendor=Cisco    originator:       hostId: IDS1      appName: modprobe      appInstanceId:     time: May 15, 2012 05:48:23...

MI ASA works well in terms of internet translations'm posting a httpserver and external networks I can see very well the server. But if I put inside my network from the public IP with which I am publishing the server I can not see. Thank you for your...

             Hi all,I am new to ASA  cisco 5520 firewall.I checked config of ASA  5520 it has subinterfaces on gigabit.Need to know why we create subinterfaces when it has already 4 lan interfaces?ThanksMAhesh    

mahesh18 by Level 6
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I've been trying to get an ASA 5505 configured correctly to let a laptop on one of the ports successfully browse the web.  Afterwards, I'll set up AnyConnect but thats another story. I previously had a thread where I had lots of help, but unfortunate...

Joffroi85 by Level 1
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                   I am having problem ssh to the admin context but I am able ssh to other contexts. I even put my laptop to the same subnet as the admin context I can ping the admin context dmz2 interface but not able to ssh. Here is the configurati...

joe.ho by Level 1
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I first want to apologize for coming here with what I feel is a simple question. I'm a little embarrased on how rusty my Cisco knowledge has gotten. I'm trying to get a laptop connect to an ASA 5505 to be able to browse the web. I've tried following ...

Joffroi85 by Level 1
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We started getting the below syslog messages from one of our ASA5520 which was recently upgraded to 8.4(2).Anyone familiar with bugs on 8.4(2) that cause this or its simply the RAM failure?%ASA-3-105010: (Primary) Failover message block alloc failed%...

hello,i do have two 6500 in VSS mode , and one FWSM module on each 6500, i want to configure these modules as Active/Standby, how do i start , should i  follow this (not in VSS mode):

Hi all, My problem statement was:my box is ASA 5585x, since this model have G0/0 - 0/7 sufficient interface, so i no need to do sub-interface for the context. My question:a. is it cumpulsary must have the admin context on A-A deployment?Somehow i rea...

Hi all,I'm trying to work out if it's possible on ASAs to have the devices failover, but have the management IP not failover. So as an example: -PRE FAILOVERInterfaceASA 1ASA2Inside192.168.1.1/24192.168.1.2/24Outside192.168.2.1/24192.168.2.2/24Manage...

showlette by Level 1
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