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Hello GURUS!I have a PIX with 600 active access rules but many rules arent't in use. A lot of the rules aren't necessary anymore but I don't know what they are.How to know what rules are working?Thank you all!!

eberte by Beginner
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I have two nos. of dmz servers and also have two separate public IP for static NATI have configure the following.. but i can't access the internet.asa(conf)#access-list outside_access_in extended permit ip any host 115.119.126.x1asa(conf)#access-list...

Debudas123 by Beginner
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Hi, are there any feature limitations arising from using IPSec IKEv2 in AnyConnect? I'm specifically interested in Always-On, & TND. I saw in the release notes that it said there were some limitations but I couldn't find those limitations actually de...

jesrobbie by Beginner
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Hello, I've got an ASA5505 and a Cisco UMI on my home network. I've been told I need to open the following ports:3478 - UDP443 - TCP16384-32766 UDP123 NTP5222 TCP/UDP5111 TCP/UDPI'm no security wizard. I used the example of port forwarding to the web...

carchey by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA phone-proxy

Hi,Can someone tell me what this phone-proxy command does and/or provide references. Thanks.tls-proxy ASA-TLS-Proxy server trust-point _internal_PP_asdm_ctl_filectl-file asdm_ctl_file record-entry cucm-tftp trustpoint PhoneProxy_Trustpoint address 11...

lcaruso by Frequent Contributor
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Hi dearsi have ASA 5520 and asa-ssm-10 my asa-ssm-10 modula.Host:    Realm Keys          key1.0Signature Definition:    Signature Update    S399.0                   2009-05-06    Virus Update        V1.4                     2007-03-02OS Ver...

Hi GuysIm very new to this,Below is a config im working on with a PIX. Its really basic just for VPN purposes but now i wanna put a web server on the DMZ interface.How do i do that ?PIX Version 6.3(5)interface ethernet0 autointerface ethernet1 autoin...

nuno by Beginner
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