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I have a ASA 5510 with asa8.4(2) and asdm6.4(5)205.  Have a new basic config, nothing special at this time.  I just cannot seem to get from the inside to the outside.  From the outside interface I can ping, so I have a good Internet connection.    wr...

Lon by Beginner
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We have a PIX 515E running ver 6.3 and we want to implemente some sort of logging to keep track of who/when logs in to the PIX and if they make any config changes or to the file system. All of this is for forensic purposes in the future. I have alrea...

imunoze00 by Beginner
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I am walking my way through the Cisco Best Practices documents and am currently working with NTP.Here is my question - to make the security folks happy, I am looking to setup authenticated NTP internally.  I currently have 6509's in place now and don...

i cant find the best area to ask about passwords but i need to try and either reset the password or find out how to check what passwords are set up to get logged into a cisco pix without factory reseting the devicethanks in advancegary

Hi,I am a complete newbie to the world of Cisco firewalls. My company is moving from another firewall vendor to a Cisco ASA 5520. I am now trying to teach myself Cisco IOS and ASA 5520 administration skills. I'm going through a Cisco Press ASA book a...

dan by Beginner
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Dears,i am receiving the below error on ACS 5.1 on the console (CLI), the ACS is installed on an ESX server:ipt_connlimit: Oops: invalid ct state When i get this log, it is giving Authentication failed on the switches until i restart the ACS server.A...

kassabziad by Beginner
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Can someone tell me the primary differences between the Cisco SA500 series and the ASA 5000 series.  I'm trying to determine which security appliance to utilize in front of a Cloud PBX.  Essentially, the Cloud PBX provider's point of demarcation woul...

adamvayle by Beginner
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Resolved! dropbox?

Im running IDM 7.0 and was wondering if there is a way to alert on our internal clients using the dropbox.exe application?  If so, what signature?  Or, any other ideas?  Thankslp

lukeprimm by Beginner
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Resolved! guest access vlan

Hi,I'm trying to implement a guest vlan.users in this vlan would only have access to interneti have created the acl, the user use an external dns, everything is working fine except for one thingwe have server in our LAN wich are published on the inte...

Hello,I have just received 4 static ip's from my isp, i want to be able to point these ip's at different services on my internal servers, for example:smtp > (mail server)80 > (web server)vpn 212.x...

Hi, We wish to upgrade 8.2(3) to 8.2(5) on our asa 5520 and 5510. I have been looking for Cisco guides for installation instructions but havent been able to track any. can you help? or is it just as striaght forward as copy image, reboot secondary an...

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