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Hi all,I've been doing a lot of research and I still can't find good answers to some of my questions. All the big questions are answered for out-of-band configuration but I find that it's assumed that understanding in-band is taken for granted lol......

Hi,We'd like to add some HIDS within our security infrastructure in order to control some of the more sensitive servers. Cisco has discontinued their HIDS solution and we don't know which solution to adopt. Can anyone suggest some good alternatives? ...

joe.favia by Level 1
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I have one ASA5520 with the following:Licensed features for this platform:Maximum Physical Interfaces : Unlimited Maximum VLANs               : 100Inside Hosts                : UnlimitedFailover                    : Active/ActiveVPN-DES              ...

Hican anyone please confirm how many simultaneous vpn client sessions supported by Pix 515..i am using pix 515 with version 7.0 and its supporting only 10 concurrent sessions..the data sheet mentioning support for more vpn sessions but actually its n...

Dear all or any bodycurrently my firewall is Microsoft ISA Server 2006 and im using it very nicely but based on some security treats im changing my firewall from isa to ASA 5520 but im facing a problem that my i had installed on software name Soft Pe...

Hi,I would like to replace my firewall by using ACL on my Cisco 881 for testing.Could it be possible?Configuration:access-list n° permit ip host distant_site_public_IP host my_public_IPaccess-list n° permit tcp any host my_public_IP eq portThis confi...

Hi,I have IPS network modules WS-SVC-IDSM-2 version 7.0.2(E4) and try to add to IME 7.0.3, but it shows error. "IOException when try to get certificate. Read timed out"I have connectivity OK between IPS devices and IMW server, and the certificate in ...

juanluis by Level 1
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Dear Team,We are getting continuously log created as below in ASA 5510. I suspect something is going wrong (like system is getting compromised ? )Note: I have changed the actually public IP to for some security cause.Log..Mar 18 21:46:19 124....

We have some users downloading big files from the net, and I want to find out a CLI to find quickly this user by his ip address on my ASA. I used show conn but its showing me about 15000 connections with Bytes transferred but it take time to find out...

Is it possible to configure a line in an access list to open a series of ports as opposed to adding a line for each port number?  Could I be able to, in one line, allow for example ports "1-10"?

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