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Hi allWe have to perform an update on a pair of 6500s w/Sup 720 to 12.2(33)SXI4.  The 6500s are both installed with FWSMs which are still running the 2.3(3) code, arranged in a failover pair.   We're planning to update the FWSMs to v4.0(12) soon but ...

dynamicv by Beginner
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My company's network has not been very well designed.  I am in the process ofredesigning it.  I am going to do away with the 3 firewalls they currently have and move all the network behind a firewall so that all traffic going through our network will...

leelove01 by Beginner
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Hello All!  I happen to have a ASA5510 (Security Plus license) laying around and was wanting to update it to the latest version of software however I'm having some difficulty doing so.  Here's what I have on it currently:Hardware ASA5510-K8, 1024 MB ...

Greetings Cisco Gurus,  I have an ASA5510 at our corporate office location that's mainly for VPN tunneling to my 20 remote locations. Every firewall I've configured has had a place to blacklist specific websites but I cannot find anywhere on this dev...

Hello,I have updated NAC from 4.7 to 4.8, I wanna distribute Nac agent throughtout the campus on 1000 PC,how can i do it,i have downloaded a nac agent from cisco site nacagentsetup-win- Is it right agent patch that i have to distribute ??????...

I have may be a problem in ASA firewall I configurethe nat and access-list and all other configuration that needto secure my network but sometime the internet connection is lost fro the insideor when the internet user need to brows the DMZ website I ...

Hi Guys,Firstly I'm not sure if this is the correct place to put this enquiry. It is an issue with an 877 router, but the problem itself seems to be with the Firewall functionality on it.For simplicity sake lets say I have 2 vlans setup on it  VLAN1 ...

we see sunrpc & imap being present under inspect policy-map in a cisco zone based firewall.Attempts to remove both these from the policy doesnt succeed. I have used following methods for removal -RtrBr(config-pmap)#class type inspect Lan-to-internet ...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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