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Hello,We have an ASA 5510 with AIP, the ASA image version is ASA832-npe-K8 and asdm image version asdm-634-53.We can't launch asdm-launcher. In java console, we receive the following message.Local Launcher Version = 1.5.50Local Launcher Version Displ...

dfrancois by Level 1
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Greetings Everyone,I have a brand new pair of ASA 5540's with the SSM40 modules.  I am attempting to update the local software on the 2 SSM's.  I have been looking around and found a few step by step examples but I keep getting errors.  The current (...

I am looking for a global web filtering solution for our business but am having trouble finding a solution that will work acceptably for us globally.The problem is that our campany has hundreds of very small offices (mostly only 2-3 users with the od...

I've been digging around in the IOS 12.4 on-line documentation and finding just enough information to make me ask more questions, that I can't find answers for.  Any help is greatly appreciated.I have a system with one external interface and many int...

Hello All,I have been trying to get my ASA to forward port 25 for 3 weeks now. I have created a ACL & NAT for port 3389 and that works flawlessly. When I mimic the rule and change the port to 25 I cannot telnet to the public IP over 25. I can though ...

Hello,im currently running into an issue accessing to any external sites such as Yahoo, MSNBC, Google, etc. while im connected to my internal network using the Cisco AnyConnect.  The issue is while im on VPN is, i cant hit any external sites or inter...

Hello everyone, We have user that use credit card vedor services and they are charging us more because according to them we have ssl 2.0 and ssh 1 version and they are security vunerbilities.  They say if we upgrade to ssl 3.0 or ssh 2.0 then it woul...

lawsuites by Level 1
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