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Resolved! ASA 5510 License

Hello,1)  I want to upgrade from K8 to K9,i hope there is no image as such K9 but the licence will do the job for K8 to K9 ( i.e 3DES/AES) Generally K9 means 3DES/AES enabled????? please correct me if i m wrong.???2)   The show version below is from ...

Hi All,We are looking at replacing our current firewall.I would like some sugestion from you guys about what hardware and licenses I should be looking at.Basically we need a solution for an office of 120 people.Is there any firewall apliance that wou...

Yesterday I found that when I'm behind a web proxy I can't start rdp sessions with the plugin. A packet capture on my client workstation showed that the SSL/RDP connection was trying to connect direct. All other parts of the webvpn session were worki...

Hi,I have a question regarding the number of security contexts on my ASA 5520.On my ASA 5520, I have the licence for 2 security-contexts but I have a third context "admin".Is this mean that it's two contexts in addition for a total of three? Thanks i...