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Hi Experts , I would appreciate if you can please answer this , I have a bit confustion about what is the difference between ASA inspect and Pix Fixups , As far as i Know it is used for special application handeling like Ftp data stream goes out on o...

I have a VPN between a 877 and a PIX 501. The 877 has a dymanic public IP address and the PIX is static, everything is OK untill the 877 is restarted (user unplugs the wrong plug) at which point I need to get the new public IP and reconfigure the pee...

platn by Beginner
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I have a problem. how to upgrade IOS on FWSM where I have this warnningwarnning0251:system CMOS Checksun bad - default congiguration usedwarnning0211:keyboard errorCause of this, i can't upgrade or access the module.How can I sove this?Thank.

d_steffen by Beginner
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Hello,I'm using LMS 3.2 with HUM 1.2. I'm trying to utilize the HUM Live - Graph it. We actually had it working at one point but now whenever I try to monitor the route processor of our switch I get the following mesage:"The instance CPU of Routing...

Dear NetPro!I would like to route some prefix to null0 in a Cisco ASA 5540 perimeter firewall. I have found no information about this virtual interface in ASA. Does anybody have any experience how to configre and implement these static routes?Thanks ...

I have L2L connection between ASA and Cisco router. I would like to protect traffic and give full access from PIX LAN to some hosts on the cisco router sites but not inversely. How to protect the LAN network on PIX site ?I couldn't find anything on ...