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EasyVPN setup

I have never setup EasyVPN before. I want to setup a remote user with a 871 router and connect back to an ASA5510 running the 8.0(4) code. Can this be setup to only use pre-shared keys for authentication? The user (physician) does not want any int...

RYAN PAUL by Beginner
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Block Proxy Avoidance Sites

ASA5520 with ASA-SSM-20. Currently using Websense product for Web filtering. Need to find a way for Firewall/SSM to track/block users using from using outside proxy servers using public IP address on port 80.

smartin by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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ASA 10G Interface Module

Does any have a config for ASA 5580 series with 10 Gigabit Ethernet Interface Card. what i need to know is physical port labeling on the 10 Gigabit Ethernet module, so for example interface physical_interface[tengigabitethernet] slot[/port. let say i...

WebVPN and Cookies

HelloWe have a Cisco ASA 5520 firewall that is setup to use WebVPN. Our users can log into our network with this and then access a Citrix web interface and launch Citrix apps.This all worked fine in Citrix Web Interface 4.5 but now we have upgraded t...

CSA & Novell Client

We run a Novell network and our primary authentication client is the Novell client. I've setup CSAMC v6 and have been tuning for the past couple of days. I seem to have a problem with the Novell client login script. Whenever I login, the search dr...

RYAN PAUL by Beginner
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Resolved! IPS 7.X Global Correlation in IME question

I was reading in the documentation for the new verison of IME that utilizes the new Global Correlation feature in IPS 7.X. Quick question: Is the Global Correlation module a separate feature that has to be purchased? If so, do you license it for t...

haxworthy by Beginner
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